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Solid Funding Will Buy your Future Payments

Solid Funding is one of America's top cash flow buyers. We provide funding for structured settlements, annuities , notes, lawsuit funding, and life settlements. We focus on keeping a solid perspective of our clients needs at all times. We have made it our goal to provide the best funding possible. If we cannot provide the best price we will find the best deal for you.

If you would like to receive a lump sum of money for your future payments please fill out the form on the left. We will find the best offer if we cannot directly provide you with the best offer.

Structured Settlements

Over the past several years out purchase price and discount rates have been unmatched by our competition. Solid Funding has set a new precident in the structured settlement factoring industry. Not only do provide servides for individuals selling their entire structured settlement, but we cater to those selling only a few payments as well.


Annuities are a great financial tool for many individuals. There are many advantages to receiving annuity payments. Many of the annuities that we handle at Solid Funding are structured settlement annuities. These are not the only types of annuities that we cash out, but it is the majority. We cater to clients selling their future annuity payments whether it is a single premium annuity or settlement annuity.

Lawsuit Funding

Solid Funding provides direct funding for pending lawsuit cases. We will fund almost all types of lawsuit settlements including auto accidents and slip and fall accidents. All of our lawsuit loans are non-recourse financial vehicles. In other words if you lose your lawsuit, you will not have to pay us back.