Possible Drinking Water Contamination in Conroe, Texas

Environmental pollution affects the lives, health, and overall well-being of individuals. In Texas, there is a battle between EPA regulators and environmental officials who gave the go-ahead signal to create an underground landfill in Conroe.

There are now fears of drinking and using contaminated water that can cause permanent damage in Montgomery County. The aquifer also feeds underwater streams that will affect 54 counties. According to Rebecca Kaiser, a resident in the area, “Once your water is dirty, you’ll never get it clean again.” Residents are against a plan that will inject liquid waste into an underground well because these commercial contaminants may include cancer-inducing substances and a variety of harmful chemicals.

This project is to be spearheaded by TexCom Gulf Disposal LLC and the injection will occur less than a mile from where schools and homes are situated. The Environmental Protection Agency is worried that because there are hundreds of abandoned wells in Conroe, these may serve as the pathway for waste to go to aquifers and make drinking water unsafe.

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