Postal Workers Most at Risk of Dog Bites

It probably comes as no surprise for many: some mail carriers face a daily risk of dog bites depending on the area they service. The United Postal Service released the list of US cities where postal workers suffer the most dog bites. Houston ranked first with 62 attacks followed by San Antonio with 39 attacks. In total, 3,000 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in 2010 alone.

Most of the attacks occur when letter carriers deliver mail to a house with an outdoor dog. While they usually carry around a pepper spray to keep the dog at bay, it is not always enough to prevent injuries. Their mail satchel can also be used to defend against dogs although this won’t be sufficient to hinder very aggressive dogs.

Postal workers can refuse to deliver mail to a house where the dogs are not secured properly. The Postal Service urges pet owners to ensure that their dogs are secured when the letter carriers arrive. This is especially important if the dog is large and aggressive. If and when an attack occurs, the victim can file a lawsuit against the dog owner.

Among the damages that can be compensated include funeral expenses, medical bills, and future lost wages. If negligence is involved, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is recommended. Attorneys can help ensure that the official investigation is conducted thoroughly and the best interest of the victim’s family is looked after.

If someone in your family suffered from wrongful death due to the negligence of another, then there is a possibility that you may be struggling financially right now. This is more than what most people should be asked for. Organizations like Solid Funding can offer lawsuit cash advance which can tide you over until you receive damages from the defendant.


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