Challenges To Success

How Solid Funding Evolves
Your Journey

Solid Funding allows traders to thrive and discover their potential in all phases.

From the evaluation to processed payouts, Solid funding keeps everything transparent to build credibility. Everything is designed to empower traders with numerous benefits until they become successful.

What Solid Funding Offers?

90% Virtual Profit
Only 7% Profit Target
Rebound Option for Second Chances
Multiple Funding Options
With 90% Profit
Unlimited Trading Days Bi-weekly Smooth Payouts

How Solid Funding work?


Take A Challenge

Demonstrate your trading expertise during the Challenge phase. Evaluate our guidelines and let us examine your skills.



After surviving the challenges, Enter the verification stage and trade freely in a restriction-free environment with only 7%. profit target.


Get Funded

Once you prove your expertise, Solid Funding will give you access to trading capital up to $5M with a generous profit split of 90%.

Why Us?

Get trading capital to initiate your life-changing trading journey from our credible prop firm. Become a part of our community and trade with freedom in our secure environment. Solid Funding will help you cope with any loss with dual strength.

Instant Funding

Solid funding designs its funding models according to the preferences of traders. Traders can earn great profits swiftly from day one.

Bi-Weekly Payouts

Solid funding provide traders with up to a 90% profit split. We process payouts bi-weekly ensuring smooth withdrawals. Traders have trusted solid funding for all the right reasons! 

Refundable Fee

Solid Funding never lets your money be wasted. We provide the refund of fees regardless of the trading challenge you choose. In the end, traders have an initial account fee refund along with great profits.

Use Our Funds

Our Capital, Your Profits

Use Solid Funding trading capital up to $5M to be the next successful forex trader and enjoy unparalleled benefits in the forex industry.

Grab 10% virtual profit

Only 7% Profit Target for upgrade

Traders’ favorite “Rebound” option for second chance on violated accounts

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