Solidfunding provides the fastest, most cost-effective access to funded accounts through its simplified programs and clear requirements.


Our Funding Programs

Choose the funding program that fits your goals and crush it on your own terms.

Why Solid Funding?

Discover why so many successful traders choose our platform to achieve their trading goals.

Instant Funding

SolidFunding's instant funding program is designed for traders seeking immediate access to capital without the hassle of an evaluation process.

Bi-Weekly Payouts

We provide up to 90% Profit spilt & bi-weekly payouts ensuring our traders receive their earnings regularly and consistently every two weeks.

Refundable Fee

Your initial account fee is eligible for a refund in all our trading challenges. This is designed to promote your achievements within our program.

No Time Limits

A prop trading firm with no time restrictions allows traders to trade without any limitations on the duration during their evaluation period.

Funding up to $5M

Consistently achieve a 10% profit target to be eligible for a 25% balance increase every 3 months.This keeps happening until they reach a maximum balance of $5 million.

Challenge Bonus

Upon achieving a 5% profit in your Funded Account, you'll receive a 10% bonus on the profits you earned during your challenge phase. This bonus rewards your initial success .

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Our Partners

Revolutionizing the trading game is what we do best! Meet our partners in financial awesomeness – UK regulated broker, the wizards of brokerage, and, our payout pals. This dynamic duo ensures your funds flow smoothly, making your trading journey as exciting as it gets.

Our Most Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions here or click the link before to see all of our frequently asked questions.

We provide a unique opportunity. We enable you to trade genuine capital instantly, without any obligatory waiting period and a fair profit-sharing arrangement. You have the potential to receive funding up to $5 million without undergoing a trading challenge, without bearing responsibility for losses, and with a profit split of up to 90%.

We don’t impose strict limits, your maximum trade size depends on your chosen instrument, risk management approach, and available margin in your account.

We currently do not have a set rule for consistency in one-step or two-step challenges. For Instant Funding, it is important to note that your best trading day’s profits should not exceed 20% of your total profits.

The Leverage on Challenge and Funded Accounts will be 1:100 across all the assets.

Stop loss is not required however we recommend it.


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